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Place: kula lumpur dr cafe

Poison: latte

Favorite things: their sign that promises the best coffee in the world (I should have known!)

Were in KL for a quick 10 day stint with one of our best friends who has just shifted here.

We flew out at 4am yesterday morning which was an adventure in itself, then threw ourselves into KL land.

Straight to China town, which I was spellbound by, cause it’s Chinese new year and the decorations are over the top. Enough red to jumpstart any jet engine.

Then we went to the famous twin towers, and shopped up a wedding shoe storm, however despite the hundreds of stores, I’m still a barefoot bride.

I have been thinking about the word respect. I am reading the book Love and Respect, given to us by our pre-marriage counselor.

It’s got some great points on marriage, but as were not married yet, I have been more challenged by it’s principles generally in all my relationships.

The word respect is just not used as much as it was. As a child we were commanded constantly to respect our elders. Now as an adult though, I’m really challenged on this holiday how I respect others with my words and also how people respect themselves.

The night before we flew to KL, Charl met a new friend he’s been training with and we all with Jen and my dad, went out for a night on the town.

We had so much fun and the night ended with us all swimming in hotel pools, running from one hotel to the next screaming with laughter.

A great night had by all.

However Im not a frequenter of nightclubs very often at all. I’d be lucky if I was in a pub more than twice a year, but throughout the night as we hung out in some Bali favourites, I was astounded how little respect girls had for themselves as they danced around.

I’m not a prude by any means and it’s not even about strict rules of alcohol and good times.

It’s just women showing respect to their bodies and their femininity.

As I have been reflecting on this, I’ve been thinking about the environment, how much rubbish in the third world is just dumped on the beaches and such. I’ve been thinking about my parents, how I speak to them as an adult now, but still with respect.

Just simple respect for human life and living a life of inspiration and positivity.

The book is talking about how women need love and men respect.

It’s definitely challenging me about much more than my pending nuptials, it’s challenging me about the essence of life itself.

Love one another as I have loved you.

Respect I believe is about loving ourselves as much as we love one another.

I definitely wasn’t expecting a lesson on respect on my long service, buts it’s amazing what come to the surface when you have time to think.




3 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Dude!!!! U have the most awesome blog ever!!!!

    From those pool jumping friends 😉

    Ps: just quietly on the subject if respect for others… I think some drunk boys in scooters proba should learn some respect for their bodies….. And for other people on the road!!

    Much love

    Megan Verwey

    1. Cracking up!!! Yes that guy was crazy I had dreams of him falling off! We left our umbrellas behind! Oh no…

      We had the best night btw…was gold. Definatley a great memory…

  2. oh the umbrellas lol yup we paid our $15 for them lol

    AWESOME night 🙂

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