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Place: the boardroom

Poison: long black

Favourite Things: the newspaper, printed, not on a electronic device

I am bursting!

Can’t explain why…its a secret. However spring is in the air, a baby dolphin was born in the river across from my work and the sun is beaming.

I have read the first chapter of my friends Jeff and Julie Crabtree’s book ‘Living with a creative mind’ and ideas are swirling, fasting than they have in a long time.

Winter has darkened my outlook, however spring is promising the new, the yellow, the bright and delightful.

Sometimes creativity blossoms after a season of hibernation. Sometime spring blooms and there is no reason why. The best thing though is to maximize and mobilize creativity when it rises, whether from a reading, a blog, a magazine, a picture, a conversation, a song, a painting or a moment.

Capture when it surfaces, just like a floating bubble, it might be awhile before it comes by again.


Hope this might spark something in you…



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