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capture 2: chapter 14

Sudoko: problem solving slum style

Today was the first day of the creative arts camp and it was chaotic. From sick team members, to violence overnight in the slum, the children sauntered in after a hard night on the town. Anj Barker, who we are partnering with to run this creative camp at the community centre in the middle of the slum, is the most the amazing woman.

(to continue reading about Angela Barker and her amazing efforts in Thailand, click on the link and download the e-version of this chapter from ‘Capture 30 days of inspiration click on the link below)

day 14- problem solving

If you have missed the first couple of weeks of the book. You can download them all starting from January 1.

Thanks for being part of this journey.

I am believing that you are being inspired to live beyond your own limitations and serve another.


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