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capture 2: chapter 24


Today was the concert and the final day of class for the creative camp. We poured out so much energy in teaching this morning and then setting up for tonight’s concert. Most of the team didn’t have a break at all, working through morning till night to get all the displays set up.

From DVDs that would not print, to dodgy Thai cables that spark with electricity, to children banging the gate begging to be let in, it was the most breathtaking night. The children performed their pieces that they have learnt over the last couple of weeks and to watch them achieve success was heartening.

( to continue to read this chapter 24 of capture 30 days of inspiration: desperate for change click the link below and download.)

day 24- spent

24 days together.

Thanks so much for being a part of this journey.

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Here’s praying you have an inspired day!


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