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the future


Happy Friday!

So what’s next on the agenda?

Someone asked me if there would be more than one Green Couture store, if we’d have multiple locations?

I hadn’t thought about it much to be honest, although my husband is certainly keen.

I guess if you can do one, you can do two!

Do you believe that you ever reach the end of a dream?

I wonder if they keep evolving, extending… you reach the end of the initial dream & then it extends into a whole new chapter, a new direction.


A future challenge for me is to get other people involved in the Green Couture dream, to employ staff & have volunteers. Living out your own dream or vision is one thing but the ability to pass that on to others so they are able to embody your unique culture is another challenge entirely.

One thing is certain; the adventure always has new challenges!

So much to do! A lifetime sometimes feels too short…


I’m sharing my thoughts about the future with you in the hope that it stirs up the dream in you.

What is it that you’ve always wanted to do?

It may not be about having your own business, it might be learning a language, travelling, buying a house, creating something… why not do something today to head in that direction? You just need to take a step.

I’d like Green Couture to be in a position of influence in the local (& wider) community. Not for the sake of having attention & certainly not attention on me, but to be known for believing in people, loving people, a business that invests into it’s community & helps people in need.

I am keen to continue my search to source beautiful things for the store, perhaps extending this overseas. I’m looking forward to seeing The Local Creative ‘family’ grow & to continue to support those creative people out there who make such unique & lovely things!

I’d like to develop relationships that further enable us to fund/bless/give to projects that help people reach their potential…

It’s been so nice chatting these past few Fridays; be inspired to pursue your dream. You can do it! Believe in yourself… there’s more in you than you know!


You can follow me at my blog if you’d like to stay up to speed with the Green Couture adventure. Pop in to the store & say hello if you’re in Albany, Kate

Images – Krysta Guille Photography, Lumiere Art & Co, Pony Rider
Cushions & wall dots available at the Green Couture Store

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