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learning to be flexible enough to dream again

Muse nine scents candle: French Pear.

I have always been a dreamer, a big believer and a people collector. From the earliest age I can remember, I was the producer, the director, the dance teacher and the event coodinator. We would arrange lavish productions for our family and friends, with oranges down leotards and lipstick for days.

I dreamed of creative productions, I coordinated people in my dreams and woke with bossy words dripping from my lips.

My mum always encouraged me and I am sure my Dad constantly had a roll in his eyes, but dreaming for greater days has always been natural for me. The hard part has been navigating seasons of wait and not allowing the dream to die in the midst of the valley.

Dreams die hard and fast when the reality of daily life sets in. People criticise, morgtages drain funds, memories of failure linger and hearts quiver at the thought of trying again.

Lately I have been learning that one of the greatest inhibitors to my voice finding freedom, is holding on to tight to the journey towards the actualisation, rather than the dream birthing. I am a hustler by day and a dreamer by night. I have no problem working loyally and sacrificially to make something happen.

In the realm of our life’s signiture, when we push too hard and fret about the end result, the process of realisation often becomes stuck.

The more we grip, the longer it takes.

The tighter we hold, the more stressful the outcome.

I have been learning that flexibility is the key to dreaming again and hope is the answer in allowing a new sound to arise.

There is something so unique about your voice, whether it is through writing, speaking, designing, creating, taking photos, expressing yourself, cooking, hospitality and how you arrange your home.

You have a voice.

You are unique.

You have purpose.

You are delightful.

I have found in my own dream walk however, that when I cling onto things, when I try too hard, I am like a teenage boy trying to speak in the shift of their voice changing and all that comes out is a loud squeak.

I am learning to be kinder in my self talk and swifter in letting something go if it is just not working but determined in beginning again. Everytime something fails, I am learning to not spend so much time going over what went wrong but stepping forward into the grace that is available for the new and trying again.

Are you stuck?

Does your voice sound hoarse?

Are you struggling to dream again?

My question is this for you…

What are you clinging on to?

What are you trying to control?

Where is there a place of tension, that you are unable to gain peace?

This may be the answer to dream again. Flexibility is not loosing all control, in fact it takes a lot more skill and strength to be a yoga ninja who can bend, hold and extend themselves to find their place of balance.

Be flexible.

Don’t hold on so tight.

But have a go.

Step forward into your new my friend and find your voice, by beginning to dream again.


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