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5 steps to find clarity and to reset

How is the middle of the year treating you?

I know the months between May and August can trip me up with confusion and lack of clarity.

There is a part of my heart that knows I don’t have to wait till Monday to begin again. I also know that failure is a big part of living a life on purpose. However, we all need reminders that every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath, reset and begin again.

I was sitting with a colleague yesterday, and she was telling  me that her email box, was sending her messages “Warning, Warning, your email box is blocked because it has too many messages.”

I smiled because it felt like my mind right at that present moment. Warning alarms were telling me it was time to reset. I said to her quietly, “First of all you need to arrange your email box in such a way that all the emails with attachments come to the top of your inbox. Secondly, you need to delete all of the emails. Thirdly, turn your computer off and restart it again.”

Our hearts, lives and especially minds can get full of extra attachments, and we need to find a way to reboot, to begin again.

Here are five ways that you can do an internal reset to find clarity

How hopeful do you feel?

Hope is something straightforward, but it can change everything. When our mind overloads, it can be difficult to find hope. One of my favourite proverbs says this;

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick” Proverbs 13:12

We all have a little hope in our hearts. Even that small voice that says “go on you should try again”. Maybe hope frustrates us because we have tried over and over. With failure and unmet expectations. As you retreat this winter with these reset pages, allow hope again to arise. Remind yourself of how you have grown with renewed hope.

How does faith impact your decisions?

Faith is the capacity to believe that there is help outside of your self. It’s not that popular to talk about faith these days, but my faith that there is a plan beyond my perspective. That there is an opportunity to partner with greater power, that I believe is good and cares for my journey, changes everything. The partnership of purpose impacts everything decision I make. How does faith impact your decisions? Do you believe that everything is meaningless? Do you struggle to find meaning in the midst of adversity?

As you retreat this winter with these reset pages, allow faith to inform your decisions and see whether clarity comes again.

What gratitude practise do you have in your daily routine?

Gratitude changes everything. When we acknowledge what is going right in our lives, even though we may not see the significant changes we are looking for, you are more capable of seeing change come. As a family, we try to do “High Points and Low Points” over each meal we have around our table. Our three-year-old is learning to acknowledge the little things, which build gratitude into her daily framework. One of the activities from the reset pages is to celebrate what small things you have achieved this year so far. Failure tries to trick us into thinking we haven’t moved at all, when sometimes the goal posts just shift. Take the time this winter to reset, and one great way you can do this is by creating a gratitude practice.

Who can you be kind to this week?

Generosity and kindness change us. We may think that it is about the person receiving the gift, the encouragement or the opportunity but it changes us. If you are in a mid-year slump, why don’t you make a plan of action to be kind to someone? As you extend your hand of generosity to another, it grows you. Every single time we encourage someone, it will always bring back life and courage to our own. Every time we are kind, instead of mean-spirited it changes us and brings all those good pheromones. What if you were kind today? As you retreat and take the time to reset this July, this is an act of kindness to ourselves.

What area do I need to step out in courage?

As we move towards the end of another year, we all know there are areas that we need to move forward with courage in. Those big, crazy goals, that remain unfulfilled. When we move forward with courage, there is something profound that happens in us. It is like a light of deep satisfaction goes on and warms our heart from inside. Courage brings great satisfaction. Although fear tells us we cant. Courage tells us we can. Write a list of things that you need to do with courage this July. Take the time to find perspective with this reset daybook.

Who is ready for an internal reboot?

Tell me when you are going to retreat below…

I’d love to follow your story and revelations through this hashtag #resetdaybook

Happy Days creative truth seekers.


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