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my mate John!

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Favourite things: Book ‘Great Speeches- words that made history’

I have a random book that lazes on my bedside table, begging for me to read and get some late night inspiration. And last night that I did!

It is a book of great speeches that made a difference in history. The one that captured my attention last night was from our former Prime Minister, John Curtin (held office 1941-1945).

This speech went over the airwaves to support Australia’s allegiance to America in its war against Japan.

‘I speak to you from Australia. I speak from a united people to a united people, and my speech is aimed to serve all the people of the nation’s united in the struggle to save mankind…We have all made mistakes, we have all been too slow; we have all sown weakness- all of us! This is not a time to wrangle about who is most to blame. Now our eyes are open.’

My eyes are open. I have never been exposed to war before in my life, and one month ago I arrived back from the Middle East, in which I spent one week in the most beautiful village on the border of Syria and Israel in South Lebanon called ‘Mimess’. Mimess and its people have captured my heart and since I have been back I have been a wreck trying to figure out what I can possibly do to make a difference in the political and humanitarian mess, called the Middle East.

Many of my friends and family who have taken the time to notice what is happening are asking, How did this happen? Who is too blame? And I truthfully hold the same sentiments as John Curtin. We are all to blame! I hate war, I hate it right to the very core, but sometimes there is nothing else that can bring change to the hearts filled with much pride, arrogance and selfishness.

Many generations that have gone before us, (in fact I would say all generations) have been confronted someway by war. However, I don’t want to live my life encased by my cushy, cafe-enhanced everyday, without being aware and making a difference to what is happening today, right now, on our planet.

But what can I do, But what change can one very flawed, wreck of a woman, sitting here in Perth, Western Australia bring to Mimess, Lebanon.

That is right where creativity becomes powerful. Creativity is the ability to take something confusing, baffling, and emotional, bringing some sense of reality and purpose to it.

I pray today that I would find some divine inspiration; so that I can do something to help those children I played soccer with on the streets of Mimess. I hope that I can help in someway to let the lady I helped redecorate her fruit fridge, know that my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and that they are not forgotten.

Affected, but so willing to do something to bring change!

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