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Beautiful or not?

Place: Milkd

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite Thing: Trucker Hat from Kym

Growing up I totally struggled with the concept of beauty. Am I beautiful enough? What really is beautiful? Why are my peers so focussed on beauty?

I can’t say I am completely numb to these questions, but recently I read a quote about beauty that intrigued me…

‘Beauty overwhelms us, enchants us, fascinates us, and calls us’ Fr Andrew Greeley

I think the word beautiful has been given a false identity by the covers of Vouge and Marie Clare.

Beauty can be found in the folds of wrinkled skin, it can be found in the eyes of a friend towards another who continually hurts her or it can be found in the midst of a rubbish heap as a mother feeds her son.

I love beautiful things, but mostly am obsessed with finding beauty in others.

I was recently in Thailand, with Sr Joan, a heroic woman, who lives breathes and beautifies the slums of Khlong Toei, Bangkok. One photo memory that I cannot remove from my mind is this picture of a grandmother feeding her grandchild milk, whilst sitting right on top of a rubbish dump.

The quote ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is so completely true. Many would be repulsed by the rubbish dump, many would be annoyed with the mangy dogs sniffing about, however this grandmothers eyes were lost in her grandchild’s with complete abandonment.

The recent media campaign by Dove, is brilliant. They are trying to remind the public that beauty is not defined to a size 8, waify, blonde, big-breasted woman. Yes, she is beautiful, but so are you.

Creativity and beauty go hand in hand. Without beauty, why paint, photograph or capture the sunset in a lovers eye. Without beauty, why even notice the flowers in the middle of a field of dirt? Without beauty why even bother to express creativity?

My little thought basically is, that beauty can be found in anything, even you! It all rides on the perspective and the eye of the beholder.

Beauty beckons, Beauty invites… come, explore, immerse, love, follow, intrigue, unveil, connect, enjoy…



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