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Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Thing: new lamp from Ikea!

Wandered around a great coffee haunch this morning and was intrigued by a new word they had on their chalkboard out the front.

Word: Bathos

Meaning: sudden change in speech or writing from a serious subject to a trivial one.

This made me smile. As intense as I am about creativity and life, I can become so full -on in the midst of conversations and get completely frustrated when one of my friends are completely random and take the conversation in a million directions.

In my immaturity, I would get frustrated as I try to make sense out of what is happening in the midst of the conversation. In my old age I am hopefully becoming more flexible, and realise that a bit of bathos is good for the soul!

Last night we saw a great friend off at the airport. As the gang stood around waiting for the final boarding call, there was much bathos. One minute deep, the next minute very random potato watching!

Whilst lining up for coffee I thought about bathos and creativity…To be deep and random, to be spiritual but flexible, to be thoughtful yet spontaneous, is a beautiful way to live.

Here, here…


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