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lollypops, little things and perspective

Place: Atomic (now open)

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite Things: my green party dress…

I love this photo from my recent trip to Thailand. These lolly pops cost less that $1 Australian for more than 100 lolly pops, yet the smiles they brought- priceless.


There are many things that cost next to nothing, that create memorable life moments.

Kids= lolly pops

Families= kites

Friends= bubbles, coffee and cupcakes

Lovers= handwritten letters

Mates= Cranium

Work Collegues= Jigsaw puzzles

Tired friends= Camping trips

Old Lovers= trips down memory lane

Flatmates= yummy rissoto at 11pm at night

Bridesmaids= footscrubs and wine

Life is too short to hold offense, life is too short not to celebrate those you love now. Be a cheapskate life giver. Think small, but think creatively.

Love large, with little expense!





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