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Place: My Office

Poison: Milo Chocolate Bar

Favourite Things: Hayley and danni in the background

I have just finished watching the news and the emotional outpouring around Australia and the world about Steve Irwin, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’s’ death.

On a plane trip (not that long ago) watching ‘enough rope with Andrew Denton’ I sat astounded and intrigued by this man. The one word that completely embodied his being ‘passion!’

I am quite a passionate lass myself. Sometimes it gets me into trouble because I become so opinionated and forthright about my thoughts, but in Steve Irwin’s case, his passion was absolutely delightful.

If I could make the difference that he has made with animals, caring the same about humans, I think my life would be worth living. Passionate people are a force to be reackoned with.

Passion is the greatest persuader. Passion is endearing. Passion is engaging. Passion is a life well spent.

I want to live a passionate life that embraces the unique honesty of the human race.

Crikey, what a shame this guy died so soon…

I wonder where he is right now?


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