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Spring Blossoms

Place: Milkd

Poison: Long Black with hot water on side

Favourite Things: Getting my hair done today (wohoo!)

Spring is here! This last weekend in Perth, Western Australia has been just delightful. Today is a little smokey, but the weekend has been breathtaking.

The way the light reflects and bounces from tree to tree. The way the flowers come out of hiding. The way lovers walk hand in hand, as if winter has stolen those sacred moments.

I love the dance of children as their eyes twinkle with delight. The smell of tiger lillies that have been extended as a gift of friendship.

Spring is my favourite time of year. A time of new life, a time of expression, a hint of the summer hue that brings freshness to the cycle of the year.

Most of all I love japanese spring blossoms. On the street of my favourite cafe they are begging to bloom.

Its the anticipation of spring that entices me.

Anticipation brings freshness to my everyday.



2 thoughts on “Spring Blossoms

  1. Hey Amp…I’m with you all the way on those thoughts! Our new Deer Farm has spring blossoms on every frontier, truely there is a creative God painting our canvas every season…Hope you had fun getting your hair done. You always look stunning! Love you my friend from cold Auckland wishing I was in Perth for springXXXXX

  2. A deer farm! Can I please come…

    I love you and miss you so much Annie


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