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double trouble

Place: Burswood Intercontinental Hotel 

Poison: A glass of white wine 

Favourite Things: Miss Elly & her wedding dress floating in the bedroom 

On the back of two full nights of hectic event management, the only thing that has stopped this champagne bottle from overflowing has been the steady hand of my mum trailing along side of me. 

She came up to Perth to hang out with me in the midst of Hertime Occasion, Peter Brock’s Memorial Service, Elly’s Wedding and Church this weekend. The thing that makes my mum so intriguing, generous and vivacious, she is a twin. Right from the start of her life she has had to live a life of partnership, which I fully believe has made her a remarkable person. She had the choice to become jealous, attention seeking and frustrated at this person who was so much like her, yet they both made a commitment to allow this partnership to make them better mothers, lovers and friends. 

Growing up, we were exposed to much naughtiness, game playing and competition at the hand of two individuals who had a bond so strong that they created an amazing dynamic together.

Twins & kids.jpg 

Check this out! (Yes I am in a red sailor outfit!) 

Anyway, my thought for today is that two hands joined together are so much stronger than one. Event Management and creativity are strengthened by the power of partnership. 

I would never have wanted to attempt the last week without a team of people around me. Solo shooters; leaders who run out ahead all alone are unprotected and unsafe. 

Yeah it maybe easier in the long term, because there is no one who disagrees with your opinion, but in the long term you will be weaker because of it. 

The pursuits and pleasures that my mum and her twin have embarked upon together are breathtaking. The fulcrum of our family was balanced by the partnership at the core of it- the twins. 

Creativity that is self-centred, self-seeking and self-driven is a small right at the very essence. 

Partnership reverbs as the heart of our universe. If you think it is easier to create alone, you are living a life so much smaller than you were intended too. 

As my head hits the pillow, bridesmaid central, partnership is powerful… 

Praying that tomorrow is a day that marks a relationship and partnership that lasts the length of a life time. 

Much Love 


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  1. Ecclesiastes 4 v9-12.. love it! was just readin it last night1

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