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toast to marriage


Place: Burswood Hotel
Poison: Long Black
Favourite Things: Make up artist (Rebecca) and Hairdresser
The Big Day!
Well, three years ago on an unsuspecting Saturday night sitting at church I turned in the Meet and Greet time and smiled a random girl, not knowing that she would become one of my closest friends.
She looked away and rejected my initial advance in the whole Meet and Greet Protocol. No way! I had a meet and greet failure. Unbeknown to me she was very shy. Later that week I received an email, saying ‘So sorry I am really shy and I turned away at meet and greet, but next week please come say hi, I would love to meet you!’
Okay, you are saying that sounds a little weird, but the coolest thing is a random encounter at church has brought together two like hearted people, me and Miss Elly.
We have flatted together now for 2 and a half years. This season is now over as today I am one of her bridesmaids and have the privilege of seeing one of my nearest and dearest commit her life before God, to her lovely man ‘Mr Ben Vance’.
Here is a tribute to Miss Elly, to her consistency, to our late night chats, for her patience with my morning vibes! Basically I think she is amazing, and is looking completely fab right now.
Here’s a toast to many more years of laughs, love and life filled with magic moments.

Come on let’s get married…

2 thoughts on “toast to marriage

  1. hey AMP, great post. heres to Ben and Elly also, a fantastic couple and we miss them dearly. we hope the wedding rocked. love yas all.
    gf and sf

  2. Cheers to Miss Elly and Ben…long may their Kingdom reign!!!!! Miss you heaps. So glad all is going well…X Annie

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