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jigsaw puzzles

Place: Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Events girls in background


On nights like this, what every women wants: ‘pajama’s, white wine, candle, a man and a jigsaw puzzle.’ One that’s not too difficult, but not a childs dinsey puzzle either. Something where your mind can engage in random thoughts and refresh after a big event managment driven kind of week.

Dust off your old box of puzzles or go to the local op shop…They are so cheap. Pop them on a hard bench or table top, and whenever you have a spare moment pop in a few pieces.

At last year’s rise conference, we had thousands of people through our doors, but the most memorable part of the foyer action for me was the jigsaw puzzle. People put it together over the days and nights of the conference. It was quirky, fun and so very daggy all in one. I loved it.

I could get all super-spiritual on you now, and write about; all of us and how we fit into the puzzle… but its not that intense sort of arvo!

Its just a jigsaw puzzle sort of day!Go on try it…



Ps- watch out they are addictive

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