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Country Roads

Place: Kym’s Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Kym Rolle and her flowers…

We are ready to escape and drive the big, old, open, country road all the way to Rockingham. Tonight is a very important night indeed, as the Dockers are playing Sydney and I am hoping the South of Perth erupts in laughter and cheers, in response to a big win from the boys…

I have never been a huge sporting type of girl, but the Dockers and Eagles fever has taken over and I am ready for some family style lovin, coupled with Dockers success.

When things get a little stressful, when life is a little overwhelming, thats when family is so important. The drive to Rockingham, with my ipod and my bestest buddy Kym is going to be fab! Even better will be the BBQ, my uncles and aunts running around being crazy, neices and nephews, and mates all in the same room together.

Its amazing what a night away can do, the perspective is brings, the freshness it encourages is the best.

Run away with your nearest and dearest. Be random, be spontaneous, be free…

Life was meant to be lived, not stressed.

Be free, young fairies…



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