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obligatory generousity…

Place: Farrell’s 

Poison: Long Black 

Favourite Things: My Utmost for His Highest- Oswald Chambers 

I have been preparing this afternoon to Host the service at Church for the first time tonight. So basically what happens, is the host get’s up and introduces the different segments of what is happening. Am a little petrified actually. 

One part of the service that the Host does is encourages the congregation to give of their finances. This part of contemporary church services has been given such a bad rep in our times from the media.  However if the critics understood the heart of the church in matters financial they would realise that it is not as sinister as the public perception of the church is. 

I give into the local church, overseas aid agencies and volunteer organisations, because I want too, not because some one tells me that I should. 

I want to live a life bigger than myself, because selfish ambition is such a small way to live my life. I don’t need all the money that I earn, and I have no problem giving it away to people who will use it in anyway they see fit to make the world a better place. 

At all the weddings that I have gone to this year, I don’t give people presents because I have too, I give presents because I want to bless the newly weds in their new start in life.

When I am out at coffee with the GTCC, I don’t pay for their coffee’s because they brought my last one and I really should repay the favour, I do it because I want to celebrate the everyday with them and for me that is done best over coffee. That’s the best way I think $3 bucks can be spent at that point in time. 

So generosity for me is not about giving into institutions because someone up the front of the organisation says that I have too. I choose to give of my finances, time and my resources to see the church expand and grow and affect many more lives that I alone couldn’t even begin to reach. 

Give because you want to, not because you have too. The way it expands the rest of your world will completely spin you out. 

Reachin out… 


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