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Place: Milkd

Posion: Long Black

Favourite Things: this cafe

What I love about milkd is…

1) the Coffee

2) the little hiding place out the back with minimal decoration, an air conditioner and brown striped couch seats

3) The staff, esp the owner Lorenna, who is such a generous person, the cafe is not about profit, its totally about people.

4) That I can wear my trackies after a workout or my suit after a day at work and forget where I was before I came here.

5) How could I forget the wireless internet connection.

6) That it is five minutes from my house and open everyday

7) Breadless breakfast!

8) Did I already say how nice the staff were (no Im not getting paid to do this)

9) The homemade jam, homemade soup, the homemade menu.

10) The cupcakes and mars bar slice

11) The street is unknown in the coffee/social/ shopping landscape of WA

12) The fact it is always full in the morning and quiet in the afternoons, so you can pick which times you go depending on how you feel and who you want to see

13) Its a place where lots of my friends come so if I want to I can always find someone to have a coffee with…

14) The Antique store next door

15) The french upholstry and french clothing store on the other side

16) No worries about parking

17) Consistent Coffee

18) The green paint on the wall

19) The red door

20) The logo on the takeaway cups

21) More than one newspaper

22) The coffee’s are table served

23) Polished concrete floor

24) Little milk bottles as the salt shakers

25) The chef is wearing a constable care tshirt!

26) They have a dog bowl outside with water for the people with dogs (even though Im not into dogs, nice touch)

27) New Norcia Bread

28) The old dudes sitting on the window ledge and the way they cackle and tell dirty jokes

29) The guys next to me complaining because of the contents of their museli ( get a life boys!)

30) That it is the starting place of my 30th birthday and we will be having coffee martini’s, champagne, cupcakes and coffee! Watch out, love it…If you read this list right to the end you so deserve to come!


3 thoughts on “MILKD

  1. Lovin the posts AMP! And I agree with all that is milkd…mmmm…coffee.

  2. I read it to the end!! Can I come??

  3. ooh wog chick you actually wrote a post. You can come, this cafe kicks butt over most cafes I have been in Sydney!!

    Love ya


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