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Cowboy boots in the office…

Place:My Office

Poison:Sprite Zero

Favourite Things: My Cowboy boots



This morning I was having a ‘woe is me’ moment driving to work. I was thinking ‘This traffic sucks! I am on my way to work, the sun is shining and I want to be outside playing!’

Then from out of nowhere a thought popped into my head. (Yes it is very random so go with me…)

‘I am actually really blessed, because I have the freedom to wear my cowboy boots to work!’

They are very special too me. I brought them a couple of months ago in Dubai, with one of my favourite people Claudine, I searched for a pair for months before I brought them.

How strange is that thought? But it has made me smile my whole day through. See I work in an office where I have permission to be creative, to express myself, but am continually challenged to grow in creativity, leadership and event management.

How many people are in jobs that they hate? How many people are in countries and places that they hate?

Perspective hey? Although getting up and going to work everyday may not be your cup of tea, know that there is always someone worse off than you.

Today I reminded myself how privileged I am to work in an office with people who are living beyond themselves, who allow me to express myself and use creativity to try and make the world a better place.

And that, Amanda Powell, is a privelege! (self talk is hilarious!!!)

Anyway, a random, slight, perky thought. What priveleges do you have that make your day so much better than you actually thought it was…

Mine- cream cowboy boots in the office!



4 thoughts on “Cowboy boots in the office…

  1. Ah yes. You indeed have the privilege my dear Amanda. Me wearing cowboy boots to work here in Japan, I dont think so hehehehe. but they do have some great boots I would buy and wear out of work! ahahahha… miss ya. Miss Mika.

  2. i agree amp! claudine is pretty much the greatest person i know. as for cowboy boots… not sure if i agree with you ;o)

  3. I love wearing my cowboy boots to work too!! I have a very old vintage pair that I bought on ebay – the older they get the cooler they are and a foxy black pair that scream Texas sass!! But I love AMP more than my boots!

  4. What’s so great about her anyway??

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