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My granma…

Place: Kyms House


Favourite Things: Necklace from Hannah

Well, I had a sad occasion this week, I took my granma to the doctors because she has been loosing her eyesight for quite a while and last Saturday, she picked up the newspaper to read it and she couldn’t read anymore.

So I sat with her on Monday, (its taken me all week to have enough couarge to write about it because it saddens me so much) in a doctors office, praying that he would say a quick operation and all would be well. Sitting and hearing him say ‘Mrs Powell, there is nothing we can do to help you, You can’t read anymore, you are now going blind, was so defining!’

See my granma is one of the most creative and beautiful people I know. She has always inspired me from a very young age. A immaculate dressmaker, a professional knitter and anything beautiful or creative she was so proficient with.

Being over 80, she fills most of her time these days making beautiful teddies, scarfs, baby clothes, rugs, anything she can use her hands for, to give away to others. But no more!

This post is so hard to write because I cant imagine what it would be like to not be able to see anymore.

My granma is such a generous lady, she brought me a present to the doctors appointment for no reason at all. But I sat there so breathtaken at the thought of her not being able to create like she did before.

I have spent this week looking through different coloured lenses. Every flower I see jumps out and begs that I study it, whilst driving I have been so inspired by our river. I have been reading more because that was one thing that as a tear rolled down my gran’s cheek she whispered ‘Manda, I can’t read or do my crossword puzzles anymore.’

It is so unfair when the winds of time take away the simplest of lifes treasures. I sat in the waiting room surrounded by trashy magazines, promising to myself I wouldn’t take reading for granted anymore. Now as I read out her bills and letters from her friends, it is an amazing privelege to see more of her breathtaking life.

As you watch the footy grand final tomorrow (go the eagles!) I won’t be able to stop thinking about my mad keen footy supporter granma, sitting in Rockingham, in her flat, listening to the football grand final on the wireless, as she can’t see the television anymore.

Wow, life is pretty strange hey?



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  1. Amanda, I totally know how you feel – just around Elly’s wedding the same thing happened to my Granny. She is an artist and used to paint the most amazing pictures. I too could not talk about it at first it broke my heart!!! My sister was so upset because she is pregnant and my Granny would not see the baby.

    Now a few weeks on we are helping her and also starting to begin to understand. What it has also done is make us be creative in how we help her – we have to do a double take are think how we are going to interpret something to her or bring something to life for her – it is a challenge but also it has made me think outside the box on how I often take things forgranted.

    Great post though. Miss hanging out with you, can’t wait to catch up with the newly weds and hopefully see you again soon too. Tam

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