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celebrating life well

Place: Milkd

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite Things: Sleeping in on a Saturday morning

Last night was a great one. We all celebrated my mate Gav’s 30th birthday in style! The conversation that I loved the most, was a reflection of what Gav’s mates from the City of Swan had too say about his shindig…

They were quite amazed that a 30th birthday could happen without heaps of people totally smashed, great amount of conversation without it being sleezy, and a all round great time, without disrespect.

I am not prude, neither do I condone abuse of anything, being my body, my friends, my reputation or life. I totally believe that life should be celebrated in style, and I believe the priveleges we have are so special so why waste them by being off the planet, when you were born to live on it with style!

Anyway- I am not judging anyone here, my past is spray painted with much blackness, however I love it when people are inspired to have great conversations, great nights and great celebrations in style.

So here are a couple of photos from miss elly’s wedding, because she did her engagement and life well! I today toast and celebrate Mr and Mrs Vance, arrived back today from their honeymoon in Maritius. Good on you guys for doing it well… It is so not a simple task.

I love ya and so miss living with you Miss Elly!




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