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I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment. I think the thought of turning a new decade brings that out in most of us. So walking, weighing and measuring are taking up some of my thought content.

Ps- the guy accross from me in the cafe just got his breakfast, took one mouthful and then let out a big, mmmm, and then a sigh. My interpretation: a guy, who misses his mums cooked breakies!!

Anyway, random diversion…So last night lying in bed I was thinking about what measurements are used for our happiness? What is a measurement for success? What is our measurement of rich versus poor?

See with weight, with size, with capacity, we have measurements- when cooking I have measurements to make sure I stick to the recipe and my bank has monetary measurements of how much I have in my bank account…

When it comes to happiness and success however there are no real measurements. With no boundaries, or measures it is hard to plan and move forward. Yet I am not sure at this stage of my life what measures my happiness. I am not sure what measures my success. I am not sure what measures whether I am rich or poor in a heart context not just financially.

One of my favourite thoughts ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!’

What takes my breath away? Do I allow society to provide the measure of my happiness? Do I allow culture to create the boundaries of my success?

See I am beginning to take stock of what is worth fighting for and what is not. A passionate young lass, I often find myself emotionally engaged in battles that in turn affect the measure of my happiness, success and life, yet in the bigger scheme of things they mean basically squat!

Sooooo, I have no answers on what measures happiness, maybe you do…But its a good journey to start on.

What defines your happiness? I know what society and culture says should ‘money, love, position etc etc’ But what really does measure and define mine?

Tell me your thoughts I am really interested to know…



2 thoughts on “measurements…

  1. amp, you are right, culture defines a lot of things that should make us happy, but many of them are rubbish! for us – its freedom, love, adventure, security, using our lives to contribute to the purposes of God, quality of our relationships, quality of our marriage. we have really been challenged over the last couple of months about what defines our happiness and measures our success, and most of the stuff we thought would make us happy actually falls over fairly easily – and in that case happiness and success is rather fleeting and insecure. most of what we had to measure our happiness on has been removed from us, and its real tough. I reckon that true happiness comes in seeing the blessings that we have. for me – my wife, family, music, friends. it may sound cliche but true happiness is not sourced from this planet (except coffee).

  2. Hey guys, Know that we miss you and are so proud of the big steps you have taken to live a life of influence. I cant imagine how different life would be for you guys in Peru, and it is an inspiring way to live, not allowing anyone to define your happiness, except for GOD.

    I loved reading your thoughts.

    Rock on and be encouraged, love you so…


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