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your heart…

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: My white watch!

Last night chatting with friends, we had a big discussion on what actually is your heart? I know sounds very deep, but I found also very intriguing.

See we all get so busy with the external that it is so easy to loose track of the internal in our lives. When someone says ‘put your heart into it’ or ‘my heart is broken’ or ‘be still my beating heart’, what exactly do we really mean?

Heart means far more than emotions or feelings. James Houston says ‘The centre of those qualities that make us human…the innermost part of human personality’. That’s what I believe your and my heart is.

See I think the internal, the realm of our heart is way more important than anything, the external focused world relys upon. I don’t think we should be lead by our hearts, but without checking the condition of our heart, it is so hard to open yourself to new and exciting parts of your destiny. How easy is it to live with a heart that is shut down by fear. Our external emotions are merely an outward expression of a deeper reality.

The heart does not respond to principles and programs; it seeks not to be efficient, but seeks passion, art, poetry, music, beauty, mystery, joy…The list goes on and on.

These are what rouse the heart, male and female alike. Its just the way we respond to them that differs. Indeed they are the language that must be spoken if one wishes to communicate with the heart.

For me I don’t want to be heart driven, (emotional and inconsistent) but I don’t want to be disengaged throughout my life either. The problem I have found in my life is I am either lead by love or lead by fear. It is fear of rejection and fear of mistrust that has created so many scars in my heart realm.

Creativity, life, moments, kindness, love, are all captured by the heart.

A vulnerable but satisfying place to dwell.





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  1. i reckon that your heart is basically your “self”. that when you put your heart into it you contribute all of the stuff that your “self” has to offer. if you are a big hearted person, then your image of your “self” is actually in the right spot to accomodate a bunch of other peoples needs and concerns. if your heart is roused, then the things that really make your “self” tingle have been set off and you come alive. does this make any sense? you know what i mean – that sometimes the core of our being and our ability to have our heart expanded and moved and excited is directly proportional to how big or small our “self” is.
    thats either profound or absurd, not sure which one. peace.

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