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bono and leadership summit

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Favourite Things: Thinking about the conference I have just walked away from…

Today I attended a world wide leadership summit, where 70,000 leaders around the world are sitting watching video cast of leadership teaching and inspiration. Here in Perth, there would have been maybe 500 people sitting receiving teaching from the worlds best in leadership training.

The last session was an interview with Bono (u2), an address to leaders about world poverty and the AIDS crisis, and I am numb. I can’t say I am a U2 groupie, so for those who have bono fatigue stop right now and go to and get over yourself.

For the rest of you, here are my simple reflections on the interview. I love their music, no I’m not going to their concert, not because I didn’t want too, just wasn’t a financial priority at the time when tickets went on sale. Anyway, despite the mockers and the die hard fans, wow this man has something to say.

Not just something to say, but a passion that dwells so deep, it threatens to cause a tsnuami of poverty relief, due to the deep purpose that is set in his heart.

I am not a christian who is jumping on the Bono band wagon, because he reads and digests scripture. I am deeply moved by what he has said, ‘Celebrity is just a currency, and I have decided to use mine to eradicate poverty’.

I sat in this big auditorium, full of leaders and I said to God, My God, ‘What is it lord that one person like me can do…’

What is it that you can do, because we have the potential for this generation to eradicate poverty, AIDS, the gulf between the first and third world. We actually do have power, the power we have is a voice to make a difference one child, one life, one dollar at a time.

What I loved from his interview was this statement ‘The part of the Lord’s prayer that moves me the most is “On earth as it is in heaven”…’

Me too, I don’t want to wait till heaven to find the source of life. I want to help bring it to earth as it is in heaven.

Another thing that struck me that he said was ‘I am nothing special, I am just strategic. I use the influence I have as a strategy’

Some more amazing, thought provoking statements…

Grace turns our world upside down

Love thy neighbour is not a request its a commandment

2003 scriptural versus talk about the poor, only one speaks about judgement, and that relates to the poor also, so why is the church so often judging sexual issues, moral issues, instead of just loving the poor.

Stop asking God to bless what your doing, find what God is doing, it’s already blessed.


So what if you have Bono fatigue, he’s actually doing something.

What are you doing?



2 thoughts on “bono and leadership summit

  1. Wow, Amanda that is a great post and so true. There is so much we can do, one life at a time and we really dont need to look too far to find a person who needs material help, we just need to be willing to inconvenience ourselves a little. Great thoughts, loving the blogs.

  2. ok, i am SHOCKED by that bono fatigue website… WHAT THE?! speechless…

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