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the right to be ridiculous

Place: Milkd

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Lap top bag, green. hmmm.

I totally have this thing about family. I also have this thing about Christmas. When I come to think about it, I have this thing about traditions as well… Although I am single and one day hope to have a family, I love that my mum taught me to love traditions.

Traditions like Boxing Day with the Smith Family, a tradition that I adore. Birthday parties, family toasts (special speeches at family night) and breakfast in bed. The Christmas tree up on the first day of December and down on the 12th of January. Camping with friends and family. Standing outside the door until the person leaving has driven away. Grace. Monday night= family night. Baileys, Pina Colada’s and spas! Bali with cousins and parents. Reading before falling asleep. Big walks along the beach. Dinner music…

At this time of year, the real romantic comes out in me, and my love of traditions, warms my weary soul. It is at the end of the year that I believe family and traditions should burn bright.

THE RIGHT TO BE RIDICULOUS IN YOUR PAJAMAS AROUND THE ONES WHO LOVE YOU THE MOST. Nice. That’s a tradition I will always carry into my sphere, no matter who I am with.


SENDING CARE PACKAGES TO THOSE WHO ARE IMPORTANT TO ME BUT LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, Miss Hannah, Miss Ruth, Beautiful Annie, Outrageous Claudine, Hilarious Serg, have all been recipients…(ps standby ruthie package number 2 is on its way right now!!!!)

The right to be ridiculous and let the tension of a week fade away in the bright lights of family tradition.



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  1. gotta say.. LOVE the care package.. very cool idea.. great way to make one feel loved when not in the land downunder.. muchas gracias amp

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