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resonance of a great idea

Place: at home

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: My four poster bed

Every idea has a time of awakening. Every idea has power, but once in a lifetime, sometimes for the lucky maybe a second, an idea comes along that will change your life.

I believe there is a great idea inside of everyone, something that will make such a contribution to the world that it will take your breath away. An idea that is longing to be birthed and given the resonance for it to ripple around the world.

Every person, no matter who you are, has a unique personality and signature that has the ability to impact this world. It could be an idea about a friend, an idea to revolutionise a childs life, an idea of how to connect one with another, an idea of grand proportions, that is just awaiting expression.

Creativity is not in limited supply. The worlds market for oil maybe sky rocketing and forecast to run out, but creativity is not in short supply. It is limitless, it is unfathomable, it is eternal.

The ideas within your soul, mind and spirit are awaiting expression, and our world needs your imprint to make it continue to grow and change.

The ideas you have are valuable. Their currency is rare, because there is not one other soul on the earth that can bring the creative expression that you alone can bring. Because there is no other you. I do believe in soul mates, I was the child of a twin so I understand that their are people who are inexplicably connected to others, but not one single other person has the same finger print as you, so not one other person can bring a resonance to the same big idea that you have…

Share them. Unlock the ideas and dream big

Thats what you were created for…



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