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Place: Milkd (where else?)

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite Things: my pencil case…

I heard a speaker at last weeks ‘Leadership Summit’ say, ‘Greatness is not a function of your circumstance, it is the result of your disciplined choices…’

Wow, what an amazing statement. So often I say, Oh that’s not happening because…Oh I can’t do that because…Oh well thats how the cookie crumbles…I cant fulfill my dreams because…

But this statement kicks me in the butt, with a big, its not about what happens to you, its how you respond to it. Thinking about it late last night, I want to live a great life. Not because I want to be a rockstar or famous, I want to live a great life because I understand the priveleges that I have and want to reflect them by my choices.

People who I believe are living a great life: My Mum and Aunt Eileen, Elaine Fraser, Aidie Warrilow, Mrs Chis…Women that you probably don’t even know, but I do, and I so believe they are living a life of greatness, serving their family and their God but also living the life of their dreams…

Am getting ready for a HUGE event manaegement month, and my simple prayer is ‘Lord help me to make GREAT choices’

Choices in the way I speak to others when stressed, Choices in how I steward my time to be effective and love those closest to me at the same time. Choices of who I spend time with and who I don’t, not because I want to be clicky, but I want to be around people who speak life. Positivity and great conversations are a gift that I don’t take lightly.

Miss intense this morning needs to chill out…intensity and peace the tension between greatness.

Much Love


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