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Place: My house

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Ipod with John Mayers new album downloaded! (NICE)

With our biggest events of the year a few weeks away, we are on the volunteer bandwagon again…When we ask people to sacrifice their already precious time, often its done with much reticence, as we are so sober about time and its value in our society.

I have been thinking though, when I volunteer, when I give of my time for no expected return, I am always the one who recieves. Its the paradox of servanthood. Serving others seems like such a sucky way to live your life, but the more I serve, the more I give away, the bigger and more meaningful my life is becoming.

Self centred, self consumed, self orientated people are so frustrating and boring to be around. Those who continue to think beyond themselves and generously give of them selves are so INTERESTING because they stick their finger up at society and its percieved cultural norms!!

Life is not just about you and your pursuits, your plasma and its remote control, give your time away for another and that is the true meaning of fulfillment.

Volunteering for a local community interest group, for a church, for a cause is an amazing way to pass away the hours. Wherever you are in the world, right on your corner there is someone doing something that needs your help!

In humility walk over to them, ask what you can do to help and then do it with all your might.

I will make a bet with you, that if you do it with the right spirit, you will be the bigger for it!

Generousity rules…


2 thoughts on “volunteerism

  1. i am so desperate for john mayers new album, but hes impossible to find in south america. grrr.

  2. I agree with the thought that when you selflessly serve you are the one that is blessed. It expands your world and it’s funny that all day today I’ve been hearing different people say this very thought in different ways. Gotta love when that happens. It’s so encouraging

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