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dancing in the dark

Place: Milkd

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite things: Claudine on the phone

John Mayer’s new album ‘Continuum’ is inspiring. I love his lyrical content, the bluesy, jazz, accoustic vibes but most of all the creative picture that the whole package unveils.

Music is something that totally unravels the tension in my being from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Some days you just need to turn on some tunes and dance in the dark!

Some people freak out at the thought of dancing. What if someone sees me, what if I look dumb, seriously what if…But dancing for no reason whatsoever in the privacy of your living room is one of lifes simplest pleasures. I remember so fondly the years where I taught dancing, in random outback halls, basket ball courts and church common rooms. I think I enjoyed myself often more than the kids.

Growing up we were a family who always put on little performances and created a stage out of our sunken living room. Dressing my brother up with oranges and my mums bathers was something we thought was just so hilarious esp when he let us get the lipstick out as well.

Today in the midst of Christmas production auditions tonight, The Big Weekend around the corner, Church Together on the horizon, I turned the lights off in my living room, swirled my ipod onto John Mayer’s new tune ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning room’.

Praying my neighbours werent peaking through the fence.




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  1. confession…… i love dancing to blondie’s denis in the dark in my lounge….. amongst other artists but she’s my favourite dancing partner… i loved your entry on traditions and family…

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