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thirsty for more…

Place: Milkd

Poison: Water

Favourite things: book mark from miss kym…

When excercising or in the heat of the summer sun (so want to write ‘oh baby dancing with you in the summer rain’ aka belinda carlisle right now, but won’t go there, umm looks like I have!) lack of thirst is not a great sign.

If you can go through an entire day and not feel thirsty it actually shows a sign of unhealthiness. When we are thirsty and quench that thirst with the right nutrients, water and vitamins, you will end up being more thirsty.

Are you confused? I am nearly…

Anyway I was thinking the same deal about life and creativity.

When you are in a dry place, the arid landscape breeds aridity. Lack of inspiration breeds more lack of inspiration. But the more you drink, could be reading an inspiring book, randomly meeting a friend like polly that just came into milkd or smelling a big beautiful oriental lilly, it breeds inspiration and you will become thirsty for more.

Simple but random thought, drink more, look more, inquire more, love more, live more, your thirst will not be fulfilled, you will just be thirsty for more.

Same deal with God and spirituality, the more you seek him, the more you will thirst after it!



2 thoughts on “thirsty for more…

  1. Good post Amanda.

    A good little Analogy there.

    Inspiration for me? Going berko in a thumping moshpit as United Live rock the joint!

    eeeek, i can’t wait for the big weekend!

  2. Thanks Amanda for this thought. Love the idea that the more we quench our thirst the more thirty we will be.

    When i am feeling a little dry or a little bored with what i do, i pick up your book or log on to your blog – your an inspiraton – you inspire me to get in touch with the creativity inside of me and that inspiration comes from little things everyday in every moment – so thanks!

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