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childlike heart

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Favourite Things: thinking about all the people coming to Perth for my birthday!! oh WOW…

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I know there is nothing worse than spending an evening with an immature, self centred person. However, I think its even worse to do life with people who are so meditated and so planned, so intentional, so flippin intense that they loose the freedom and beauty of spontenaity.

I am all for planners, outlook and living a disciplined life, but the innocence of a childlike heart is so refreshing. Someone who believes the best not the worst in friends. (I am seriously chatting to myself here) Someone who seizes the moments and allows the wind of change to breathe liberally on their page.

Somedays I wish that life didn’t force me to grow up quickly, and I could have remained a child longer. As I am growing older, (30 very soon! aha moment) I am realising that niavity and a fresh belief in the good in people is not a bad trait to have.

The older I am, the more gentle I want to be. I don’t want to be a cranky, old granny. I want to be one of those marshmellow types, who sees the world through pink glasses, sharing her wisdom liberally with the world.

Innocence and purity, is not such a bad thing. (i know some of you are wanting to throw up right now…sorry)

Living light is a beautiful way to travel this earth.


2 thoughts on “childlike heart

  1. I love the marshmellow types, very cool…they’re not bad lollies either 😛 – cute pic!

  2. We had the joy of spending a couple of days with our friends and their 11 month old baby. It really was a joy and excitement to see how such a innocent and small child can bring some much fun and laughter in the small things they do. They capture your attention with just a small or a giggle.

    Looking forward to your bday! 30 is a really cool age I reckon!

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