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celebrate the future

Place: My Mums House

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: My mums house…

Tonight has been GOLD! We had Tracy’s last supper at my families house in Rockingham and it was hilarious. For those who don’t know me or havent read previous posts, I have quite wild twin mums who set up a dinner tonight for one of the GTC (green tea cup club, nearest and dearest) who gets married this friday.

Anyway, the men of our family dressed up as waiters and all the women were upstairs extravagantly enjoying the view, the company and our dog.

Tracey was dressed in my aunties wedding dress and my mum and her veil. So very funny, but reminded me of a simlar post that I wrote just a month ago when Elly was getting married but the extension has to do with U2 and a book I am reading at the moment.

The book ‘Walk On’ by Steve Stockman about U2, the page 82, the thought ‘GOLD’…

‘Here’s to the future! The only limitation are the limits of our imagination. Dream up the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud at high volume. That’s what we do for a living!!’ Bono New years eve, 1989

Contrasted with a draining coffe barista Bonnie, Rose and I encountered yesterday who whinged for the entire duration of our extraction of our coffee, complaining how boring Perth was, how culturally uncool it was, and how quick he wanted to leave the place. I was like cool, no worries, leave!

He should have seen the balcony of my house tonight, with 12 amazing chicks screaming our heads off and celebrating Tracy and Dom’s future…

Mr Coffee Man from Mount Lawley, you just dont know the right people, and also you are not willing to open yourself up to people who celebrate life with abandonment. Steve Stockman’s book about U2 is really inspiring, but more than that so are my family and friends.

My family, such devout, beautiful Catholics, (my mum and her twins birthdays tomorrow, the big 52!!) they live a life that celebrates the future.

My friends, the GTCC and the extended crew also love to live lives that celebrate the future.

Here’s a toast to Dom and Trace! Have the best last week as singles, in preparation for the most amazing life of unity!

Here’s also a toast to my crazy but unbelievable family, I long to continue to dream up the kind of world we want to live together. We dream out loud at high volume…I ask forgiveness of our neighbours!

Smith Family younger years.jpg

Much Love and more


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