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tractors, dirt and family

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: lip gloss


I love this photo, if you look very closely, My sister and I are completely covered in dirt and the cheeky look of pure delight is hilarious.

Today we had our final production meeting before the launch of our new venue and service in the South of Perth, WA. The building seriously is a mess, dirt everywhere, but together we sat with a glow of pure delight, because together we were building something that will service thousands of people in the years to come.

When you build something from scratch, get your hands dirty and together as a family accomplish, the end result is breathtaking. Creativity as a team is the most rewarding of all. However building something with purpose and vision is even more delightful.

I wanted to send out a big toast to Ray Lampard (Project Manager), Craig Tucker (Action Man, Tech genius), Dave Hadfield (sound guru) and all the hundreds of volunteers that have got dirty together out there in the outback of Jandakot.

I wish I had before and after photo’s of how they have transformed a warehouse into a modern, theatre of amazing standards and technology. The cafe is funky as, can’t comment on the coffee yet as the machines not plugged in, but sure to give you an update. The Launch of our South Service 10am this sunday morning. Yehaaaa!

A toast to getting dirty out in the country and doing it as a family.

Rock on Riverview, its such a privelege to get dirty together….(hmm, should I change that line?)




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