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the little things

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: My new shoes…


I have been quite unwell the last few days, and with the South Launch, Tracy and Dom’s wedding and a big week of event management I have just not been myself.

To brighten my cold-filled world though, Miss Hannah has arrived from New zealand, and seriously she is like water to my soul.

In my sick, impatient state, she has just served and loved on me and made my busy days bareable. When your unwell, a shining light of inspiration is someone who notices the little things.

She walked down to 130’s early this morning and walked me back a long black! She has encouraged and loved me, made my bed, cleaned my room and those things just mean so much in the midst of cloudiness.

Much more to write about this beautiful woman, but not much time or energy!

I brought a T shirt in New Zealand in January this year that says ‘Be light in the darkness’ for me light is noticing and loving on those around you with the little things.

hmmmm, nice!


Ps- Trace and Dom’s wedding was fabulous, photos soon. An amazing night last night.

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