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footprintz on the stage

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Drama Team rehearsing for Christmas

My sister Jen has a dance academy of roughly 120 students, who all came together in a finale to their school year last Thursday night. The theme was musicals, and the songs and the dances were by far my favourite since she started her school a few years ago.

I sat in the backstage prompt box, on com’s to the stage manager, Front of House sound mixer and lighting, and I was so distracted by the sheer beauty of the children as they danced accross the stage.

It was magical, breathtaking and inspiring. I was so proud of the children and their amazing teacher and how they danced with such skill and confidence.

Pulling together a performace, show, church service, whatever it is, with 120 different opinions and then some is no mean feat.

Congrats my little sis! You are AMAZING!!!








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  1. yeh she was amazing!! and looked hot town! it was brilliant, i was blown away!

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