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The Holiday

Place: Kyms House

Poison: Pinapple Juice

Favourite Things: 38 degree heat, pools and baby showers


Yesterday Kym, Elly and I hid from the 38 degree heat and went to the movies. We went chickflick all the way, and I haven’t stopped thinking about the film since.

The movie was about two women, who after love gone bad, decide to house swap the week before Christmas. I don’t want to give much away, because a movie with little profanity is rare these days and I want as many people to go watch it as possible.

Anyways, the thought that keeps rolling is this one. Are you the leading lady in your life or the stilted, jaded best friend. Kate Winslett has this beautiful encounter with this endearingly, quirky, retired film maker. Who asks her this question…

Are you the leading lady in your life or the best friend?

Some people act as though, especially in the realm of love that they are the best friend, who can be used, abused and refused. However we were born to be the leading ladies of our own lives.

Not all leading ladies are self centred and pride filled…But they always know who they are and how they should be treated.

I am not one of those feminist, obsessed with ‘where are all the men’ type of chicks! But I know who I am and how I deserve to be treated.

Yesterdays movie totally reenforced that fact for me.

Anyways, great flick…Check it out!

Leading Lady


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