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the gtc cookie bake off!

Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: My Church and the amazing day we have had!

The annual GTC cookie Bake OFF! 

Okay so it happened, with much hilarity and craziness. I cooked white choc, cranberries and pistacio cookies, and milk chocolate, mango and almond cookies.

I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves, (sorry the photos take so long to load Im not sure how to change that, need to speak to my genius blog friends!!)

We had a ball.



gtc bake off.JPG

The girls (minus Miss Bonnie who was shifting house)


Miss E and the turkish delight rocky road…No wonder she’s married!!


My white choc, mango and almond bickies!!


We sung rudolph one to many times for Kymbo


Too much Talking ended up with burnt biscuits (they made it on the tree!)


A bit too much action for tracell’s and her mums kenwood!


wow that’s powerful!





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