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a day in the life of christmas…aussie style!

Place: My Sisters Bedroom

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Jen Packing for her holiday, around the world in 25 days…(leaving 2night for round the world trip!)

Today has been salads, water, sun, pressies, kids, santa hats, homemade ginger beer and seafood all the way. No crystal ornaments, hot vegetables and snow for us crewbies…

I have had such a chilled out day, I have already fallen asleep twice and not from boredom (maybe exhaustion) from just chillen…

The last week has been crazy/ beautiful! Our Christmas productions have been so amazing. The creative team at Riverview have kicked butt this last week. Thousands, upon thousands of people have come to our christmas celebrations…photos to come at a later date.

I went a little crazy this arvo with my camera. So here it is:

A day in the life of Christmas…aussie style.


Jackson Jeremy Powell is totally addicted to horses!!


Miss Charlotte My God daughter, with eyes to die for…


The Christmas table smith and powell style…


Mariah and icecream, she is so beautiful…


Charlie post lunch…


 A day in the life of an aussie Christmas! (santa’s obvisouly been awake all night!)

More Photo’s to come 2morrow, but this is my favourite…

Merry Christmas


2 thoughts on “a day in the life of christmas…aussie style!

  1. Merry Christmas – we had a fantastic Christmas spent wih family and all the traditions that I love. This Christmas has been a really great one. Now I am having the usual boxing day naps and movies! Love it.

    Take care – See you soon. Tam

  2. Hey there precious, so glad your christmas was amazing..ours was different this year now we are in the land of the kiwis…will be looking forward to another in OZ! Have had an amazing few days with the Cullens, Ali and I did an almost allnighter and then shopped all day in newmarket…oh to hav a shopping buddy again. We did well and spent what we could! Mark Ali and Daniel (after Daniel slept over and lit fireworks with josh all night!) came for breakfast this morn and it was so special – but now its goodbye again as they go on their way to build God’s house in the USA, what fun. Wish I was part of it all. So my friend thanks for the blog, the time and effort you have put in this year to build into us a little part of your very big creative self. You are truely a breath of life. Merry Christmas and may 2007 bring your dreams to fruition. Love AnnieBeautiful!!!!

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