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Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: I’m shifting office!

I have just read my sisters blog: Jen, who is in London as we speak. I got inspired to tell you about my beautiful sister.

Jen and I grew up together surrounded by music, obsessed with theatre and consumed with dance. Wherever I went, she was not far behind and as we have grown older the tantrums about borrowing clothes and boys have decreased. With the conversations about life and the meaning increasing.

She is an outstanding woman, who has walked through a time of uncertainty and change, with her head held high and her smile still glowing.

Wherever you are right now Jen know;

1) Shame we can’t catch up on our around the world adventures…

2) I think you are amazing.

3) Family is everything, without it life would be so BEIGE!

Heres a toast to my hero, my sis!

jen and amp.jpg


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  1. You are so beautiful and I love reading your blog and seeing the love you exude for all. Thank you for living a true life in Christ and for being the authentic person God created you to be. God has blessed me so abundantly with the children he has given me. As you would say “Amps you rock!!!” Love you

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