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Adventure 101

Place: My Office

Poison: Yoghurt!

Favourite Things: mug from home for my coffee, from Kym with two old grannies!

This time next week I will be in Paris for the first time and Im so looking forward to visiting new countries and all the amazing experiences that come with them.

Whenever I travel I have a few rituals, that make the experience turn into an Adventure.


(Some great Illustrations from

1) Special Journals specifically for travel, which are written in on the launch of every flight, with a list of every plane, where I sat and what I was thinking at that time.

2) Plane Letters and Plane Jigsaw puzzles. Friends and family write letters and make jigsaw puzzles that make the time go by and bring it back to the centre of what lifes truly about relationship!

3) Lonely Planet Guide Books. No matter where I go I buy one and read as much as I can about the country and the culture and try to find the random places that are not number one on the tourist hit lists.

4) I write a list of have too’s in the country, which often include something I have never done before. Skiing naked, eating frogs and walking on hot coals. (NOT!)

5) I try not to over plan, over book or even have accomodation for every night. Makes it a bit more spontanious and see where God and my curiousity takes me.

Standby for some updates. My trip takes me to Paris, London, LA and Sydney in 3 weeks.

Creativity Explosion here we come!

All my love



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  1. AMP have a great time! Thanks again for such a wonderful New Year’s we really felt like the New Year was brought in with a great celebration. Looking forward to hearing about your travels. Safe trip and God Bless.

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