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innocent voices

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Last night Kym, Ann and new friends from Belgium and myself obviously..went to my favourite cinema, to watch a movie that is still resounding in my ears.

It is called Innocent Voices and is set in Ecuador just 15 years or so ago. It is a true story and has truly rocked me. I can honestly say the young boy in this photo, the protaganist, is the best child actor I have ever seen.


If you get the chance to watch it, prepare yourself to be moved, challenged and your world to be expanded. What I have struggled with since the movie, is the facts printed as the credits rolled, that still today 300,000 children a year are put into armies accross the world, with guns and taught to kill one another.

In an age of such awareness globally and also an age with much historical evidence that war does not solve our problems, I am astounded that children as young as 10 years old, are abused by adults as toy soldiers.

It is appalling.

The movie was just beautiful, a sad reflection on society though, that we think we have the right to kill whomever we want.

This movie made me think so deeply about what I complain about and truly how good I have it.

Check it out, and then do something about it. Write a letter, say a prayer, do something!



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