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Place: My Office (soon to have a window!)

Poison: Flat White

Favourite Things: Chucking out and refining all of my office admin in the shift!

My Nephew Jackson is completely obsessed with animals. For those who know me, you would know that animals aren’t really my thing. But when I think about Jackson, I think one thought (actually two- adorable first) ANYTHING THAT MOVES THAT IS NOT HUMAN.

On Christmas day he found this butterfly and we had a moment together. Butterflies are amazing! The colours, how gentle they are and they seem so peacefilled.


There is something so etherial about butterflies, so majestic, a revelation of the detail and beauty that God the creator must exude.

Christmas day this year has many different memories, but one of the fondest is Jackson and my dalliance with Mrs Butterfly.

Love ya J.J.P
Aunty Manda


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