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the gtc

Place: My Office

Poison: Flat White

Favourite Things: my e-tickets round the world

Last night the green tea cup club (minus miss elly who was lovin her hubby on their 4 month anniversary) went to my favourite place on earth! The sommerville outdoor cinemas to watch a romantic french flick. This totally got me prepared for Paris. (I arrive on Thursday!)


The actual tea cups went on an adventure, with wine, chai tea and lots of laughs, they had a ball. I’m glad to report there were no breakages.

I love the tea cups and I love the amazing women who hold them.

Its a whole new season in all of our lives and taking time to celebrate it and wander through our worlds is what true friendship is all about. Don’t get me wrong, our friendships are not all rosy and sugary. They totally have their ups and downs, including a few divorce allegations and counselling required.


But what I love more than anything is living a real life of honesty, integrity and openness with a group of cheerleaders committed to life service to one another.


I am sad to report that my bestest friend in the whole entire world, Miss Kym Rolle (the amazing designer of Capture, work buddy and all time soldier) is shifting back to Queensland.

With many ups and downs, our friendship has been so FULL. So raw, real and a gem that prooves what real life is all about.

I don’t know how my next season will be without you in my face everyday Miss Rolle. But it means that you will now become a part of the sacred circle of recipients of Care Packages of love.


Here’s to the Tea cups and the men who are destined to be their tea spoons (named by Ben Vance not me!)

Forever Grateful!


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