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knottsberry farm!

Place: In Bed

Poison: Chardonney

Favourite Things: Doublemint chewies, the long ones and Walmart

Today was another day of extremes. Started the day with a meeting and creative development of whats happening here in OC and finished it with 45mins at Knottsberry Farm and a couple of hours at WALMART.

USA is the country of extremes. We went to Knottsberry farm and it took everything I have in me not to throw up after 8 rides in 45mins as the theme park closed down due to rain. The rides were unbelievable, my favourite being the accelerator, where the g-force nearly ripped my earrings out of my ear lobes from the sheer force of the acceleration. I’m very glad that I left my haviana’s on the ground before the ride took off, because my aussie icons could have given linel something to cry about. Knottsberry Farm is the home themepark to snoopy, charlie brown, linel and the gang!

Knottsberry Farm 2007.jpg

With God Bless America, billowing through the speakers and every type of Candy available in the world, my non american attuned stomach was struggling. We were dissapointed that the park was closed early due to rain, but I had enough of Snoopyland in the time we had and was excited after a burger from in and out, to go to a themepark indoors- WalMART!!

Walmart is so hilarious, I spent hours upon hours walking down and up the crazy aisles of plastic, consumerised, intensley crazy stuff. Not one candy aisle, but three, full on, crazy options, full of too much choice.

Anyways, ready for a new day of work tommorrow, But I miss MILKD cafe, I miss a place of limited choice, I miss my washing machine and most of all my beautiful friends and my office.

America’d out!


3 thoughts on “knottsberry farm!

  1. i know knottsberry farm well, guess where their berrys come from – our berry farm in little old NZ. i did the accelerator like 10 times when i was there last, then threw up my hotdogs. it was great.

  2. NO WAY…Thats so cool. When are you guys coming to visit the RVIEW GANG in the US of A


  3. prob may, but MC may be in perth for the record. but we’ll head up San Jose way to catch rian, jess and bryceo.

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