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milk duds

Place: Mark and Ali’s beautiful house

Poison: Lindt Chocolate

Favourite things: Vanilla Candles from Walmart

The chocolate and candy in America is sooooooooooooooo FULL ON! The chocolate, the take out, the marketing, the vibe. Everything is over the top, intensely vibe-full and so yummy.

I have found ‘milk duds’ and I think I will never be the same again. I have got my clothes back from a laundry called fluff and fold and the smell of my pjs of linen smell is overwhelming. But milk duds, are the newest and greatest sensation on my small list of things sweet that I love.

After a cinnamon scroll from IKEA, yes I was working at IKEA today, to my cherry pie for dinner and the overwhelming call of Milk duds. Thank goodness I am not here to stay as my weight would be severly impacted by the call of Milk duds. I am in sugar overload and not sure how long my ADHD personality can cope.

No the coffee here may be starbuckafied and there is no ‘MILKD’ here, but there is MILK DUDS.


I am changed forever



ps- I am going to disneyland tomorrow (God help Disney!)

4 thoughts on “milk duds

  1. seriously… the food is so good here.. I am obese!!

  2. Porky wants some milk duds too! can you bring some home..can you..can you..?!


  3. You both crack me up!
    Andrea I miss you
    Haweky don’t worry I have some little sugar filled pressies for you girls

  4. I think I might like to try them too!!

    Miss you xxx

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