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a day spent in disneyland

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I am not sure I feel like I am the same person who woke up this morning. I know that is a big statement, but today I went to Disneyland for the first time and it really is a place where dreams come true. Aside from remembering footage, photo’s and presents of when my mum and dad went to disneyland when I was a little girl, I can’t say Disney was high on my priority list of places to go in the world.


But in a few hours my opinion has been so changed and I cant wait to bring my family back here and experience the Disney kind of creativity that takes you to a whole new world!

I watched the Aladdin show, which was full of so many technical feats, I screamed my head off on California Screaming. I ate a leg of turkey, popcorn flavoured jelly beans and a churro! I laughed right in the very depths of my belly at the Space Mountain ride with Chilli Peppers evading all my senses.

The inner child in me melted in the arms of Winnie the Pooh, ooohhed at the Chip n Dales, I was shot 45miles in the air on wall of terror, I skipped down the main street to ‘Its a small world after all’. I missed my tea cups as I spun around in one.

The attention to detail, Snow Whites Castle…The lights, Captain Jack Sparrow. The Indiana Jones ride was unbelievable. The Hollywood Hotel took me on a ride through the Twilight zine leaving my stomach sitting in the roof of the hotel, then thrown to the depths of the boiler room.

We roared in Tarzan’s forrest and ate fresh pinapple icecream as we walked past the Missisippi River full of Jazz laced boats.

The stars, the characters, the fairy floss, the haunted house of horror!

This is event management, creativity and production at its finest, and to think I thought it was all a buit over the top and corny!

I’m converted!

Who wants to come again with me sometime soon



5 thoughts on “a day spent in disneyland

  1. Wow – not at all what I would expect either – must go sometime. Amanda thanks so much for your blog! It has just been great to hear and see what you have been up to. I know you are there a few days more but have a great time and a safe trip home to Perth 🙂

  2. I’ll come! Pick me..Pick me!!!

    So great that your having a blast!

    Luv u amp – can’t wait to see you soon!

    Hawk xx

  3. Hey Tam, Thanks so much fir writing, its amazing how whn you are away you value people so much more and the time they take to read and write back with you. Thanks to you for taking the time to encourage and be part of my little dalliance. If you see Elly give her a big hug from me

  4. Looking forward to the day that we can take our husbands, children and have a BIG family holiday. Jez, Jackson, Mum, Dad, Bel, Nick, kids etc………..
    How much fun would we all have!!

  5. Me too Jen, I miss you heaps and heaps…cant wait to bring the fam back here…Cant wait to see you.

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