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stranger than fiction

Place: In Bed

Poison: Milk Duds

Favourite Things: Cable TV

We went to the movies this afternoon, ($1.50 later!!) after spending the morning sorting stuff out for work and watched a quirky movie called ‘Stranger than fiction’.It ended quite a thought provoking piece!

The movie followed a character, played by Will Farrow, who was the main protaganist in a novel being written concurrently with his life. I won’t tell you the ending but this flick had the same sort of essence as the cult movie ‘Adaptation’.

What I am thinking about, post flick, is that all of our lives have a narrator, but are we aware of it? There are many stories that have unfolded on this trip that are unbloggable, times of testing, stretching and one even includes being asked to leave a plane! Yes! I have officially been kicked off a plane.

But what has been running through my mind in these past few weeks is, what am I supposed to be learning here and how am I responding to what is being thrown at the plotline of my life?

I know I make my own decisions, but what about the things that have come my way that I absolutely have no option but to take head on and see where the plot ends afterwards. Is there a narrator to my story and how do I listen carefully to learn from the wisdom given by its perspective.

Life does have a intro, middle and end. Most have a prelude and an epilouge as well given by familial context.

I want to live my life heavenward, listening for the cheat notes and finding out the sub-plots, mini dramas and the twists and turns. I want to live my life large and leave a novel that entices the reader to want more…

Milk and cookies anyone?

Guitar fender or bland?

Baker with tattoo’s or a hat?

Space camp or tax office?

Watch the movie to understand these questions…


Think so.


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