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Place: In Bed

Poison: Altoids

Favourite Things: My Dad of course…

Well today is My Dad’s birthday and I’m not sure what part of the world he is in today… I am assuming somewhere random overseas, in Asia somewhere.

See my dad works away a lot and I dont get to see him very often, but when I do there is something in me that is so deeply calmed. There is nothing quite like your Dad walking into the room and whether your 5 or 30, your heart stops and you take a deep breath and everything feels okay again.

My Dad is one of the most creative people I know. He can make anything out of nothing and is so skilled when it comes to mechanical things. He loves people and most of all loves our family.


When I see him with his Grandson Jackson he just lights up. I miss not seeing my Dad all the time and whilst I am here in LA and he is (Dad where are you right now?) I wanted him to know how much I love him and so appreciate everything he gave me growing up.

Our childhood was amazing, creative, loving, safe and fun! You worked so hard, so that us kids could have the best and now that I am all grown up I see how much you and Mum sacrificed so us kids could have the best of what you could give.

Dad, I’m so proud of you and would not want another DAD in the world.

I cant give you a present because we are miles away from one another, but what I can give you is a present of words and love straight from my heart.

MIss you terribly…When are you in Perth again?

Happy, Happy Birthday…Have a beer for me.

A Toast to my ONE AND ONLY!!
Love Forever


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