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Place: In Bed

Poison: Nothing

Favourite Things: I’m coming home, to my own bed and milkd cafe!!

With 160something channels on Cable TV here, you’d think that I would have hundreds of programs that I am desperatly going to miss when I go back to 4 channel Australia.

But mostly I wont miss the tacky, weird tv including the random medical adverts with explicit information that I am sure minors do not need to know! (side note though, the adverts in the superbowl are amazing- check out this site: The snickers one was my favourite hands down!)

No I wont miss the ‘underaged and engaged show’, ‘WWF uncut show’ or the proflific shopping channels that no matter the time of day, use way too much hairspray!

I will miss two shows that have completely captured my attention though…

1) ‘Grease- your the one that I want’ A new version of Idol, but the search is on for the newest broadway couple to star in a Musical theatre Debut of Grease, on the Broadway stage.

2) ‘Studio 60’- A show that every week follows the lives, highs, lows and craziness of a live television show. It mirrors so much of my life and it is so interesting, funny and emotive. LOVE IT!

Anyways- I fly back to Australia tomorrow, and truly am hanging out to see my office, my staff and my bed!

Have loved this trip, but am now tripped out…

Goodbye, Grease- your the one that I want and Studio 60, the new friends I have made, my old friends that I have rekindled friendships with, goodbye the land of plenty and everything large.

Hello- Perth, my love, my home and my friends.



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